Duet2 wifi eleksmaker with lightburn

  • I have an eleksmaker that I would to upgrade with a duet2 wifi to use the sensorless homing along with lightburn and a workspace camera.

    Has anyone done used that software with the duet and had good or negative experience?

    I've read that sensorless homing is less accurate, but if it is accurate to 1 full step that should be within a .5 of a millimeter or less correct? And would be plenty accurate for laser engraving

  • Sensorless homing is accurate to three or four full steps. Works great for things where the last tenth of a millimeter doesn't really matter, like X and Y on a 3D printer. You'll find that printers that stall detect x and y still have a probe for Z.

    This would probably be OK for a laser X and Y in terms of being in one corner of the bed, etc. Probably not accurate enough for Z (focus) repeatability.

    It would NOT work for, say, a home, cut, home, engrave sequence. Or a multi-pass cut that had home in between. It would work fine for a cut then engrave without a home inbetween, or a multi pass cut without a home.

    So, it depends just a little bit on how you intend to use it.

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