When creating a new File and saving IT empy

  • IT does Not stay empty.

    Very wired behaviour.

  • This is fascinating, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Duet3d / DWC2 / System Files
    Create new File
    Don't Put anything in the new File
    Click save
    Reopen the File and See the magically created new File content

  • I can't for the life of me think why one would need to create an empty file in the .sys directory but just for hell of it, I tried doing that and ended up with a file size of 9 bytes containing one word - "undefined". I guess one could say that is weird behaviour but I'm not sure which is more weird - the action or the result.........

  • Lets Not try to discuss every wired behaviour of the duet3d Controllers dead.

    When i create an empty File for Future use, i don't wan't IT to get modified. Please fix this.

  • By the way, when using my Smartphone to Control my printer, i have Limited Copy&Paste functionality there. And If IT was Not bugging me, i would Not have Spend my valueable time to Report this and therefore try to make the duet3d better for other users.

  • Thank you for the report.

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