Missing Option to Z-Probe multiple times

  • Wanting exact measurements, i call:
    G30 x150 y150z-99999 p0
    G30 x150 y150z-99999 p1
    G30 x150 y150z-99999 p2 S-1
    To get to the AVG Position and See the measurement-result.

    When trying to Update my Probe-Offset or the trigger-Height, the following does Not Work:
    G30 x150 y150z-99999 p2 S-2
    G30 x150 y150z-99999 p2 S-3

    Please Tell me, how i can Set the values with multiple measurements. If ITS Not possible yet, IT would be great to See this implemented AS fast AS possible.

    I am usung a duet3d WiFi with fw 2.05 and dwc 2.

  • But even If a have this configured before (i have, otherwise my requests would be nonsense) IT IS Not working AS expected. I can Not Take multiple measurements with s-2 or s-3.

    Could you Please Take a second Look into this and Provide a Solution for me to handle with this correctly?

  • as i said that is for g29 probing not g30 probing.

  • Okay, i got that. What have i got to use to Change the Tooloffset or Trigger-height ? I want the Position (for that Offset) be probed multiple Times and automatically without me changing any Numbers in the gcode, Put Info g31 and/or g10p0

  • i am a bit confused. you normally set the offset once (and fine tune it a bit afterwards)
    this should not be something that you need to do constantly.
    hence there is no way to automatically save the G30 result as the offset. (as that is not what g30 is normally used for)
    the result normally only goes into the g31.

  • And by the way, the Parameters Like multiple probing so affect g30 AS Well.

  • @wildblue said in Missing Option to Z-Probe multiple times:

    And by the way, the Parameters Like multiple probing so affect g30 AS Well.

    good to know.
    i have set the option to 1 as i don't want to use a probe that gives inaccurate results.
    what probe are you using that give you such inaccurate results?

  • You can save the Offset /probeheight with g30 s-3 and s-2

    But multiple probing AS configured for my Probe does Not Work.

    Also i can Not Take multiple measurements and Work with that result Like s-1 does

  • I have to Probe to 0.01mm repeatable and must be able to make Sure the value i apply ist consistent.

    This is to calibrate the Offset of my Z-Probe, the distance to the nozzle gets measured by another Probe in the system. And this calibration must be Filly Automatic, without a possible wrong measurement, which would infect every following measure.

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