Installation - Speed Change via Slicer?!

  • Hey Folks.

    I have got a Creality3D Ender 5 PLUS Printer, and it didnt work well. So i tried to fix the Bugs with a Firmware Update.... the Printer also didn't work good.... so after a few Times configurete the FW - i brick the board...... So, after a few Informations, i buy a DUET2 MAESTRO and a 12864 Display and wantet to re Wireing the Printer.
    After i got the new Hardware it seems that i was a little bit to fast and realized, that this projekt seems a little bit to high for me....
    But, after a hughe Testing, Reading and Re-Wireing Session, ITS ALIVE!
    The Hardware seems to be OK - and when i Ciontroll tghe Printer over the Web Control Panel - Evering seems to be OK. The Build Plate is with one End Switch at the High End limited, and the Printer uses all the Printing Bed. - A Pitch of 10mm - moves the Nozzle 10mm and for my opinion the Firmware was configuratet OK.


    When i Slice a Objekt and Start Printing it, the Speed Changes, and are not as i wantet it!
    The Firmware Machine settings change after i start a Gcode - thats ok, cause in the Slicer Start Code there is a M203 Order, that limit the max Feedrate. So Good..... But the Max Feedrate have to be about 500, the Extruder about 50...... BUT - and here i have a Problem - the Machine Settings setting to 8,33mm - The Extruder to 0,83mm/s

    So i took out the Slicer M203 Code.... and the Printing is now much faster... but not as the right speed. I Sliced with a 55mm/s Speed, and the Nozzle is in the fast layers NOT on the 55mm/s.

    So i Think i have a Problem with a Faktor..... MiniSteps, or What Else.
    I Configuratet the FW via the Tool, and read the right Parameters from the Old Marlin 2.0 FW out. So i got 80 S/mm for X and Y - 800 S/mm for Z and the Extruder about 94 - everything with interpolatet 16 Microsteps. I Tryed everything, change the Microsteps, interpolatet On or OF, but the Speed Setting from the Slicer with the M203 Order Change it to Nonsense...

    Where is the little Problem, that i have to get right.

    Thanks a Lot!!!!! Wish everyboda a nice christmas Time!


    Screenshot_20191219-233039_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20191220-012050_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • Here is the Slicer Start Code - it is the Standart Ender 5 Plus Profile from Cura (4.4), but with Cura 4.3 its the same Problem


  • @Skolgi said in Installation - Speed Change via Slicer?!:

    Creality3D Ender 5 PLUS

    remove the M201 till M221 from the start code. that is for malin only and will cause the problems observed.
    then reboot the printer.

  • i will try......


  • so i deletet the first Block of the Code, sliced it again, and print it with SD Card directly from the Duet.
    The Speed is still MUCH to fast.
    Printspeed is 55mm/s in Slicer - and with 100% Speed, is about 125mm/S estimated.
    I Reduced the speed to 70% - now the Web Panel shows me 20mm/s, but i think its about 50 or 60mm/s
    The proportions are ok... Test Cube , and its 2x2x2...
    I am so coonfused

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