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  • I was used to be asked if I want to update the firmware after uploading a new binary. Since about to versions that does not happen anymore, and I need to force the update by M997. Is this new behaviour intended? Or perhaps a little bug in the current DWC? I could not find anything in the releasenotes about it. (All about RFF 1.26 and DWC 2.04 on a Duet 0.6)

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    Duet 0.6 isn't officially supported any more. I still do RepRapFirmware firmware builds for it, although 2.05 will be the last unless I have to do another 2.x release (RRF3 won't run on older Duets because they have insufficient RAM to support both RTOS and networking). My guess is that DWC 2.x no longer supports the legacy Duets in respect of recognising the firmware file name. @chrishamm may be able to confirm this. I'll move this thread to the DWC section so that he is more likely to see it.

  • @dc42 That sounds plausible. By now I wish I had not cheaped out on the 0.6, but it became a too good a deal when the DuetWifi becaime popular 😉 But it still works just fine. I will certainly buy a new one some time, but that will not be for my Rostock V2, but probably for a custom design.

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