Correction travel distance

  • Hi, I am trining to setup up the travel distance of the axis. I measured e.g. on the Z axis 0.1 mm to less travel distance if I travel 5mm down. So I want to setup the duet2 to compensate this 0.1 mm in the right way.
    I did not find a hint for that how to do. Could someone help me?

    Thank you.
    Best regards

  • The right way would depend on what the problem is.

    How are you driving the axis, motor, coupling, belt, screw.

    An any case its either backlash which I don't think the Duet an compensate for or your effective gearing is a bit off and you need to adjust the M92 steps/mm setting

  • Perfect! That was the keyword I am looking for. Steps/mm? I looked in the config and didn't recognized the setting. After you named it I saw it immediately.
    Now the travel distance is perfect!

    Thank you so much for the speed help!
    Best regards,

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