Error during print

  • I have updated to all latest revisions in the DuetWiFi and PanelDue 7". Since I have updated the print starts fine however 30 minutes into print I get an "Error: Cannot Read File". This has happened 3 times. Has anyone seen this? I am using the SD card on the DuetWiFi to load my Gcode, I have no WiFi available. The Panel 7" SD card slot has never worked. I tried to run M122 and it would not respond.

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    Have you tried a different SD card?

  • @dc42:

    Have you tried a different SD card?

    DC, I did notice a few file issues on the card. I have reformatted the SD card and it seams to be working fine now. It has printed further without any issues thus far. I will be able to say card fixed at the end of this print.

    Again thanks

  • Problem solved, reformatting the SD card fixed the problem.
    thanks again DC

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