RRF3 Deactivate External Trigger

  • Hi @dc42,

    Did i miss something or is there no replacement for M581 S-1 for RRF3?
    In RRF2 i was disabling the external triggers on my lower endstops during homing.

    Since in RRF 3 the S Parameter was removed it seems not to be possible any more.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Calling an empty trigger#.g - file would be an ugly option. Maybe there is some better idea.


  • Activate:

    M581 P"e0stop+e1stop" T2 C1


    M581 P"nil" T2

  • @Danal
    Thank you for your fast reply.
    Deactivating the trigger by M581 P"nil" seems to do the job.

    Unclear to me is which triggers are deactivated.
    I could image following situation (Pin names in the example are not real names)

    M581 P"es1" T0 C0 ; es1 always leads to an emergency stop if activated
    M581 P"es2" T0 C1; es2 is only activated during a print
    M581 P"nil" T0 ; are both triggers deactivated?

  • The Tn is the key.

    And... in your example, the requested definitions are in conflict. You've asked for Trigger 0 to be both "always" and "only print".

    I believe the firmware would take the last one. I am absolutely certain it will trigger only one "es2", because if you want both the syntax would be P"es1+es2".

    So, if you ran those first two statements, I am 100% certain that you would only define a single trigger, named T0, I am 100% certain only pin ES2 would trigger (ES1 would be ignored), and I am 98% certain that it would trigger only during a print.

    Therefore the "nil" would deactivate the one and only T0.

  • Thanks @Danal.

    You opened my eyes. Since your last post i thought it is possible to have multiple triggers for the same number.
    Double checked this in the code. Tn is definitely the key.

    So i have to change my emergency stop triggers a little bit otherwise they are not fully functional.

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