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    I just tried to recreate my RRF2 config.g in a RRF3 version using the web tool. As a result, I have a few suggestions for the "https://configtool.reprapfirmware.org/Start" page:

    1. Allow specifying values in mm/min if the gcode commands use mm/min. Having to enter "166.6666666666667" when I'd really like "10000" is annoying.

    2. The tooltip for every edit box should specify which file/command the value modifies. They are NOT obvious in the tool. For example, the "homing preferences" section includes values used in bed.g, homedelta.g, and the H parameter for M558 in config.g.

    3. Allow configuring more delta-calibration points. My personal preference is 19 points: 12 on the perimeter, 6 half-way, and a single center. However, the web tool disables the ability to select 6 half-way points if I choose 12 perimeter points.

    4. Finally, add a checkbox to include a M501 in the config.g file. (Just found that the M501 option is on the very first page of the config tool even though it's usually the very last statement in config.g)


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