UNSOLVED "User Interface" options in DWC2?

  • In DWC2, clicking the T0 button to allow preheating it also causes it to be picked up. Addressing this in the e3d ToolChanger setup Dozuki there is a comment:

    "You need to untick the boxes in the UI settings which run the toolchange scripts within the UI"

    Do comparable buttons exist in DWC2?

  • As a work around, issue T0 P0. This prevents any scripts from running.

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    Good point, I haven't implemented it in DWC2 yet. I'll see if I can restore this feature in DWC 2.1.0.

  • Any update to adding the disable run macros buttons back into DWC2? Or another way to disable running these macros when tool is selected to preheat?

  • I believe Chris is referring to the GUI check boxes.

    Just to be clear, you can T0 P0 (and, more commonly T-1 P0) now. I use them all the time. Duet RRF 3, DWC 2.

  • Understood. I’m looking for the GUI buttons that disable the macros being run every time I click on the tools to turn the heaters on. Without them and trying to preheat multiple tools it selects the tool tries to purge selects the next tool and so on.

  • Has there been any updating on adding this feature back into DWC?

    It was mentioned you can use T-1 P0, does that cause subsequent tool changes to not run the macros, the documentation does not seem to imply this.

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