Magnetic rotating filament sensor "not working" errors

  • So I am seeing continued issues with my new v1.7a Rotating magnet filament sensor. I have 2 of them installed and one of them seems to be constantly dropping out with:

    2020-01-18 10:44:35 Resume state saved
    2020-01-18 10:44:35 Extruder 0 reports sensor not working
    2020-01-18 10:44:41 Printing paused at X3.7 Y-101.1 Z4.2 U3.7
    2020-01-18 10:44:53 Printing resumed
    2020-01-18 11:02:54 Resume state saved
    2020-01-18 11:02:54 Extruder 0 reports sensor not working
    2020-01-18 11:03:03 Printing paused at X10.2 Y-124.8 Z5.0 U10.2

    This is regardless of if I even disable the sensor it seems.

    This is starting to cause a lot of issues with my prints and almost not worth even using the sensor these days.

    I ran M122 and i see this:
    Extruder 0: pos 253.48, errs: frame 13 parity 0 ovrun 0 pol 8 ovdue 0
    Extruder 1: pos 192.30, errs: frame 0 parity 0 ovrun 0 pol 37 ovdue 0

    They are connected to the CONN_LCD port. I have tested the wires and the connectors are good... To me this seems like an issue with the sensors or the CONN_LCD endstops. I am running v2.05 firmware.

    My M591 settings are: (I have the sample size huge and a big window for the ranges because I didnt want false positives)
    M591 D0 P3 C11 S1 R20:150 L25 E40
    M591 D1 P3 C11 S1 R20:150 L25 E40

    @T3P3Tony or @dc42 any insight in if there is something I should be doing differently? Is interference or EMI potentially an issue? the filament sensor wires run near the extruder/hotend wire runs.

    Also... what do each of the error names mean? Ovrun? Pol? OvDue?

  • For some reason the forum wont let me edit that post to fix a typo in the M591. :
    M591 D0 P3 C10 S1 R20:150 L25 E40
    M591 D1 P3 C11 S1 R20:150 L25 E40

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