M408 for CNC

  • Hi All,

    I am almost finished building my CNC (a lowrider) which has a duet 2 mounted onto one of the gantries. The duet has made many things super easy (multi steppers/endstops have been a breeze), and is a massive step up against RAMPS. The long term aim is for this to be controlled by a raspberry pi running a browers and talking via wifi in AP mode.

    Id like to have a physical display (7 segment LEDs) for the machine and work coordinates, spindle status, leds for the homed status, etc.

    My understanding is that sending M408 (probably with S2) would give me most of this info, but not all of it at this stage.

    Is there a way to get this from DWC directly rather than making another call to the duet?
    Is there a flag in M408 that says what the current WCS is?
    Any chance spindle data (on/off, speeds/etc) will be supported on a future edition of M408?
    Can anyone see a better way to do this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • administrators

    I suggest you use RRF3 and either M409 or the equivalent HTTP call which is rr_model. The WCS and spindle info are not yet available in the object model, but I will add them.

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