state.status string?

  • I am writing a macro which it is supposed to do different things if the machine is printing or idle . I am trying to query the value of state.status as a string ( Idle, Processing) .
    Using echo #state.status returns 4 if Idle (or 10 if Processing) which I expected.
    Using echo state.status returns the same , which is not what I was expecting.
    I'm trying to do something like this if state.status == Idle as opposed to if state.status == 4(this will work just fine but there will be another 4 letter status value in future?) .
    What is the correct way to achieve this?

    It might be obvious for most of the people here , I appologise, I have no engineeering or programming background, and I spent hours looking for a solution with no result.

  • administrators

    This is a bug in 3.01beta2. It is fixed in the internal builds at

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