G29 pause before probe move

  • Hi,
    What I assume G29 does is
    get a list of points to test and for each point

    • go to point in XY
    • probe Z
    • return to the previous Z position

    I'm trying to use andromeda as a probe and since it's underneath the bed I need to configure the trigger to be very sensitive or it does not work. Problem I'm having is that cause trigger is sensitive it triggers on XY move so what I need is to have something like

    foreach (pont){

    this way the pause before probe allow sensor to "calm down" so that it properly detect the touch.

    For e.g. I did this to my homez.g to get it to properly home:

    G0 Z5 F900  H2
    G0 X0Y0 F3000

    ideally, G29 can get same parameter as G4 (S for seconds P for milliseconds) only named differently as S and P are already used by G29 to modify how long the delay before probe move is executed.

  • administrators

    The M558 R parameter is provided for this purpose.

  • hm, this looks like delay after it's triggered, not before the move is executed...

    Z probe recovery time after triggering, default zero

    anyhow, will test now 😄 .. weird I was sure that parameter exist but was not able to find it, jumping between 3 and 2 is ... at least they are now both on same page 🙂 .. thanks 🙂

  • WORKS thanks!

  • administrators

    Thanks, I've updated the description of the M558 R parameter.

  • great, thanks, looks like I'll have to figure out another way as andromeda is too unstable 😞 ..

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