by precaution: pausing prints on errors?

  • Recently swapped in NEMA23 and am delighted with the results. Discovered that NEMA17 have "small" connectors and needed to crimp some JST-XH ("proper sized connectors"!) to wire the NEMA23. This was done on the fly, balancing on one leg under an angle lamp and surprise surprise one of the crimps wasn't perfect.

    A few days later mid-print walked passed the printer and it starts making horrible noises. Turns out there was a "short to GND Driver (0)" type error but apparently not enough to stop the print. The extruder had shifted sideways quite a bit and the noise was because the nozzle was scratching over an area just printed. Otherwise might not have noticed. A miracle didn't crash into the rails at the side which would have been nasty with big motor power. Clearly my walking by had triggered the bad crimp.

    QUESTION: is it possible to set up the Duet to pause the print when various errors come in (other than just standard thermal runaway)?

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