Configuring RRF for SAME70 + RADDS

  • Evening all,

    I've forked the RRF github repositories needed to compile RRF3, and I have cross referenced thw RADDS schematic, arduino due pinout, and the SAME70 schematic and think I know what to do with the pins for the xyze steppers, heaters, fan, and thermistor. What I can't see (/have missed) is how the sd card, or ethernet connection is set up. I can see it is a different chip to the Duet2 boards. Any hints on where to look?


  • administrators

    RRF3 for Duet 3 uses the same chip, except that if you are using the SAME70XPLD board it may have the A revision of the SAME70 instead of the B revision that we use on Duet 3. So it's probably best to start from the Duet 3 build configuration.

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