Code change for RF3

  • I am considering how to change my filament changing macro to the behavior of RF3 without losing any feature.


    • Can you stop the E axis in RF3 via an end stop? My reading something like that.

    G1 H1 E moves (stopping on motor stall) are now implemented

    What does the endstop configuration look like?

    M574 E2:2 S1 P"!e0stop"

    That doesn't seem to work because M574 doesn't print anything.

    Endstop configuration:
    X: low end switch connected to pin !xstop
    Y: high end switch connected to pin !ystop
    Z: high end switch connected to pin !zstop

    Or do I have to use an additional axle again?

    • My biggest problem is, how can I manage two functions on E0 ("e0stop") endstop?
      In RF2 I deactivated the trigger with M581 E0 S-1 T0, how do I do this with RF3?
      The PIN ("! E0stop") had two functions for me, the emergency stop and the filament change to stop the feeder

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  • administrators

    The only type of "endstop" for extruder drivers supported at present is a stall detection endstop. I find that this works very well for filament loading, using this macro:

    ; Load T0 with PLA
    G10 P0 S200 R160    ; set temperatures for PLA
    T0                  ; select tool
    M915 E0 S3          ; set stall sensitivity
    M913 E30            ; motor current to 30%
    M83                 ; relative extrusion
    G1 H1 E800 F6000    ; feed up to 800mm until stall
    M913 E100           ; restore normal motor current
    G1 E50 F120         ; extrude 50mm @ 2mm/sec

  • @dc42
    That won't bring me anything for my variant.

    My filament load looks like this:

    1. Turn the feeder slowly when the filament is at the mark, confirm the button G1 H1 A700 F200
    2. Then comes the fast charging G1 A670. F2700
    3. And the whole thing again when priming G1 H1 A350 F100

    I will then create a virtual axis (A) again, that should still work with RF3.

    Am I correct now that there is no way to deactivate an external trigger with RF3, which was possible with S-1 with RF2?

  • @zerspaner_gerd
    No you are wrong, the method has changed. To get the same result as S-1 now you have to assign the trigger on the pin "nil"

  • @danzaywer

    Thanks alot
    This information was missing to me, it is nowhere to be found.
    Perhaps this should be written down for others.

  • @zerspaner_gerd said in Code change for RF3:


    Thanks alot
    This information was missing to me, it is nowhere to be found.
    Perhaps this should be written down for others.

    "nil" is in four places in the guide to converting to V3 firmware:

  • @Danal
    That didn't catch my eye!
    And exactly with M581 there is no information about it.
    Thank goodness someone made me aware of it
    (in my defense, I have to translate everything with Google translator because my english is unfortunately not good)

  • administrators

    I've update the M581 description for RRF3 in the GCodes wiki page.

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