Help required urgently

  • i went to update the firmware earlier on today totally messed it up not sure how though now board wont connect to wifi and wont connect to pronterface via usb all i get is this line repeated over and over many times.

    Received opcode 0000013c length 0 data

    i tried erasing and then reinstalling firmware but nothing changed same thing happens. i have updated the firmware before with no problems this time as it was installing the update the web interface just shut down and that was that.

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    Which firmware versions did you install? The current Stable versions are here If you've picked up the Edge versions instead, either go back to the Stable release or see

  • Just flashed the firmwares from

    I only flashed the main firmware, even though it says successfully flashed, no changes happen. It does not flash the main firmware, version number does not change.

    Then, I flash both WiFiServer and Firmware, WiFi Server updated and firmware version changes and the "Received opcode 0000013c length 0 data" issue happens, and main firmware version did not change even though it says successfully flashed.

    Then, I flash only the WiFiServer, WiFiServer version changed, then the "Received opcode 0000013c length 0 data" issue happens.

    I implement something on the source code and need to flash the latest firmware but I could not do. I upload and flash the main firmware but the new one I uploaded is not flashed.

    Any recommendation?


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    The new 1.19 WiFi module firmware will not work with the old 1.18 or earlier main firmware. Try to upgrade the main firmware to 1.19beta9 using one of the fallback procedures described at

  • Thanks.

    Flashed 1.19beta9 with Sam-Ba and flashed the DuetWiFiServer1.19beta9. They work fine.

    But I still can not update the main firmware using M997 S0 or using the web interface. The firmware is uploaded but updating the firmware has no effect.

  • Copied iap4e.bin again, and updating works fine again. I think it was corrupted or something.

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