Change request to fans[] value format for LED strip

  • I want to increase or decrease the value of the fan output for my LED strip by a small amount to enable smooth transitions.

    fans[].requestedValue has 2 decimal places but fans[].actualValue only has 1 decimal place

    Red LED Requested value = 0.14
    Red LED Actual value = 0.1
    Green LED Requested value = 0.08
    Green LED Actual value = 0.1
    Blue LED Requested value = 0.44
    Blue LED Actual value = 0.4

    @dc42 Is it possible to provide 2 decimal places please

  • administrators

    Yes I can change that. When you use fans[n].actualValue in an expression, you will get an accurate value. It's only the display format that is truncated to 1dp. So you should already be able to use small increments such as 0.05 or 0.01 in your script.

  • Thanks @dc42 for all your help, it now works great.
    Will be even better when we can use variables.
    What would be a good source to learn the syntax of the commands used for conditional gcodes?

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