Rotate the webcam image 180 degrees

  • I have to mount my webcam upside down, but my camera doesn't support rotating or flipping at the driver level. Octoprint provides a nice little feature that allows you to flip the image in both X and Y, which makes it correct again. I'd love to see this in the Duet Web Console as well.

    For now, I've just been putting this into my developer console:

    $("#img_webcam").css("transform","scaleX(-1) scaleY(-1)");

  • sorry to bring up an old thread but it'd be helpful to me as well to be able to rotate the webcam in the DWC. any luck with this digiex_chris? ive opened a request on github anyways

  • im using the pi for the webcam and got it to work finally. right way up now

    sudo killall mjpg_streamer
    ./mjpg_streamer -o " -w ./www" -i " -fps 30 -rot 180"

    the -rot parameter is adjustable of course

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