Cant flash firmware?

  • cant flash firmware. SAM BA 2.16 in win 10 com port shows up and when i flash i get 2 lines. it does not appear to go beyond 1% and after, i can not connect via ponterface. any ideas? yes i am following the #3 firmware install process…
    I- GPNVM1 set
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 %

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    Did you do the "Compare Sent File With Memory" step, and if so, what did it report?

  • yes and it says files do not match. i believe this confirms comms right? should it get past 1% i let it run over an hour and still no joy. hi btw been a while LOL When i plug in usb, i do get port. it picks 115200 so i set ponterface to match but can i be sure that is right for the boards factory default post erase \ reset speed ? Ponterface just says connecting but nothing happens.

  • sam-ba_2.16) 1 % compare_file {Flash} "E:/3D Print/Firmware/DuetWiFiFirmware.bin" 0x400000 0
    -I- Temp file : C:/Users/Titan/.sam-ba.testCompareFile
    -I- Compare File : E:/3D Print/Firmware/DuetWiFiFirmware.bin with memory at address : 0x400000 , for 268852 byte(s)
    -I- Read File C:/Users/Titan/.sam-ba.testCompareFile at address 0x400000
    GENERIC::ReceiveFile C:/Users/Titan/.sam-ba.testCompareFile : 0x41A34 bytes from address 0x0
    -I- Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x0 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x10000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x20000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x30000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- Reading: 0x1A34 bytes at 0x40000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 % FLASH::ScriptGPNMV 2
    -I- GPNVM1 set
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 %

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    It looks to me that the "1 %" is a command prompt, not a percentage complete. Am I right in thinking that you are running sam-ba under Linux, and what you have posted above is the console output? If so, what is reported in the graphical window when you do the file send and then the file compare? Did you reply Yes when it invited you to lock the memory after the file send?

  • does that look right? do i need to flash all the firmware and paneldue cant connect either and it still shows right version PanelDue-7.0-1.15c,/DuetWiFiFirmware-1.17e / DuetWebControl-1.15a / DuetWiFiServer-1.03-ch. i think i renamed it properly for upload but these ar the versions i had up and running well

  • this is windowss 10

  • i don't see anything about locking the file. nothing appears to happen

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    From the instructions you linked to on the wiki:

    In the Send File Name box enter or browse to the DuetWiFiFirmware.bin file to be loaded, then press Send File (leave the Address at the default of 0x400000). On completion it will invite you to lock the region; press Yes.

    Did you do all of that?

  • probably missed something. let me retry and get back to you. thanks as always!

  • ypu ID10T error, 5th try was the charm. thanks much suspect usb cable was just too short…

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