Filament Runout Sensor Always Reporting no Filament

  • Hey Duet3d Community!

    After months of work building my first printer, I've finally got a functional Delta running off a Duet Ethernet board and it print awesome, but no filament runout sensing. I'm trying to add it, and I've got the command added to the code in the endstops area as, "M591 D0 P2 C3 S1". I'm using a basic NO switch wired into E0 endstop. When I view endstops on the web interface via Settings>Machine Properties it shows no hit when filaments in, and yes when filament's out. Seems good but as soon as you start a print it says "Printing paused: Extruder 0 reports no filament" regardless of whether filament is loaded in or not. I though maybe it was reading backwards but regardless of the switch state it'll say it out at the start of the print.

    The other strange thing is if I say ok to the error, and resume print, it'l just go through the rest of the print regardless of switch state. This is also I giant issue because the printer is very large, 300mm radius X 833mm homed height so it's not unlikely I'm going to be running 3kg+ prints so I need to be able to runout a full spool overnight and not lose my prints progress.

    I highly appreciate any advice you peoples can give me! Thank you for your time!

  • @ElZesto Sorry I'm missing some info,
    Reprap Firmware 2.02
    Web Control 1.22.6

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