Issue with 3.01-RC4(pre)

  • @dc42 not sure if your commits are consistent for 3.01 RC4 yet but something in the last few prevents Z homing from completing using a probe. It looks like it's looking for deployprobe0.g and when it doesn't find it, it just keeps retrying the homing sequence. If I create an empty deployprobe0.g file it works normally. This is via DSF BTW. Can't easily test it standalone right now.

    EDIT: I just realized that although the probing sequence completes when a deployprobe0.g is found, the state shows homed but the head is left at the "dive height - trigger height" and the printer is left "busy". I created an empty retractprobe0.g as a test but that didn't change behavior.

    ; Z-Probe     Precision Piezo Orion
    M574 Z1 S2
    ;              Probe                 Probe  Dive    Travel  Probe
    ;    Pin       Type   Invert  Settle Speed  Height  Speed   Attempts  Tolerance
    M558 C"" P1     I0      R0.75   F600   H5.0    T6000 A4        S0.025
    ;   Trigger          Trigger
    ;   Value    Offset  Height
    G31 P560     X0 Y0   Z-0.10

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    I'm guessing that you are running Duet 3 with attached SBC. It looks like DSF doesn't report to RRF that deployprobe0.g wasn't found, so RRF doesn't go on to try deployprobe.g.

    Does your system use a deployprobe.g file? If so then copying it to deployprobe0.g may be a workaround.

  • Yes Duet3/SBC. No, no deployprobe. It's a Precision Piezo Orion. Even with an empty deployprobe0.g, I'm still left with the nozzle hovering above the bed and the printer in permanent "Busy" state.

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