Newest firmware 1.19.2 downgrading back to 1.18

  • So I tried to use the newest 1.19.2 . I had trouble with it now trying to go back. I moved files 1.18 firmware send M552 S1 and I get this;
    11:38:55.540 : Network command 9 socket 4294967286 returned error -1073741824
    11:38:55.541 : WiFi module started
    11:38:55.541 : ResponseBusy
    11:38:55.542 : Failed to change WiFi mode (code -8)
    I can't seem to get the Wifi started. What am I doing wrong?

  • I believe you will need to downgrade your DuetWiFiFirmware as well.

  • Sorry did not include that info but I did that one as well. Also remade the Web folder as well as left it out and left it alone.

  • administrators

    That message suggests to me that you have reverted DuetWiFiServer but not DuetWiFiFirmware.

  • I did revert both. I got sick of trying so I just reverted back to day 1 and started over. Back in business now.

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