help on duet 1 wifi!

  • hi to all,
    sorry if i write in bed position, put i need help! i have a duetwifi 1.0.
    when I bought it I load the 1.18 firmware and work well! for many reasons I turned it off after few week. After years, today connect it and set for a new printer. I upgrade fw but now read different things in settings...before upgrade in settings i see "elettronics: duetwifi 1", now see "duetWiFI 1.02 or later". it's normal??

  • Moderator

    Yes that's normal. The Duet wifi 1 was renamed to Duet 2 Wifi to allow more differentiation from the older Duet 0.6 boards.

    There is: Duet 2 Wifi, Duet 2 Ethernet, Duet 2 Maestro, Duet 3 6HC.

    When you updated the firmware, it started using the new name. Nothing else has changed other than what's new and different in the firmware.

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