"Error: Heater 1 not found" issue on Duet Maestro

  • Hello,

    I'm having a problem with setting up a custom printer. I was trying to tune my hotend when I received this message:

    Heater not found error.jpg

    I spent some time looking on this forum and the internet in general but I couldn't find a solution. Here's my config file, if it helps:

    ; Configuration file for Duet Maestro (firmware version 2.03)
    ; executed by the firmware on start-up
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool v2.1.8 on Tue Mar 24 2020 13:00:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    ; General preferences
    G90                                                ; send absolute coordinates...
    M83                                                ; ...but relative extruder moves
    M550 P"Cube Mini"                                  ; set printer name
    M918 P1 E-4 F2000000                               ; configure direct-connect display
    ; Network
    M552 P192.168.1.14 S1                              ; enable network and acquire dynamic address via DHCP
    M586 P0 S1                                         ; enable HTTP
    M586 P1 S0                                         ; disable FTP
    M586 P2 S0                                         ; disable Telnet
    ; Drives
    M569 P0 S0                                         ; physical drive 0 goes backwards
    M569 P1 S1                                         ; physical drive 1 goes forwards
    M569 P2 S1                                         ; physical drive 2 goes forwards
    M569 P3 S1                                         ; physical drive 3 goes forwards
    M569 P4 S0                                         ; physical drive 4 goes backwards
    M584 X0 Y1:4 Z2 E3                                 ; set drive mapping
    M350 X16 Y16 Z16 E16 I1                            ; configure microstepping with interpolation
    M92 X80.00 Y80.00 Z4000.00 E420.00                 ; set steps per mm
    M566 X900.00 Y900.00 Z12.00 E120.00                ; set maximum instantaneous speed changes (mm/min)
    M203 X12000.00 Y12000.00 Z180.00 E1200.00          ; set maximum speeds (mm/min)
    M201 X1000.00 Y1000.00 Z20.00 E250.00              ; set accelerations (mm/s^2)
    M906 X800 Y800 Z800 E800 I30                       ; set motor currents (mA) and motor idle factor in per cent
    M84 S30                                            ; Set idle timeout
    ; Axis Limits
    M208 X0 Y0 Z0 S1                                   ; set axis minima
    M208 X100 Y100 Z100 S0                             ; set axis maxima
    ; Endstops
    M574 Z0 S0                                         ; set active low and disabled endstops
    M574 X1 Y2 S3                                      ; set endstops controlled by motor stall detection
    ; Z-Probe
    M558 P0 H5 F120 T6000                              ; disable Z probe but set dive height, probe speed and travel speed
    M557 X15:85 Y15:85 S10                             ; define mesh grid
    ; Heaters
    M307 H0 B0 S1.00                                   ; disable bang-bang mode for the bed heater and set PWM limit
    M305 P0 T100000 B4138 R2200                        ; set thermistor + ADC parameters for heater 0
    M143 H0 S100                                       ; set temperature limit for heater 0 to 120C
    M305 P1 T100000 B4725 C7.060000e-8 R2200           ; set thermistor + ADC parameters for heater 1
    M143 H1 S280                                       ; set temperature limit for heater 1 to 280C
    ; Fans
    M106 P0 S0 I0 F500 H1 T60                          ; set fan 0 value, PWM signal inversion and frequency. Thermostatic control is turned on
    M106 P1 S0.5 I0 F500 H-1                           ; set fan 1 value, PWM signal inversion and frequency. Thermostatic control is turned off
    ; Tools
    M563 P0 S"Hotend" D0 H1 F0:1                       ; define tool 0
    G10 P0 X0 Y0 Z0                                    ; set tool 0 axis offsets
    G10 P0 R0 S0                                       ; set initial tool 0 active and standby temperatures to 0C
    ; Custom settings are not defined
    ; Miscellaneous
    M911 S10 R11 P"M913 X0 Y0 G91 M83 G1 Z3 E-5 F1000" ; set voltage thresholds and actions to run on power loss
    ; T0                                                 ; select first tool

    What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Moderator

    @Breadbin Can you go to the G-Code Console tab, send M115 to the Duet, and post the response? This will tell us what firmware version you are using.

    Then send M98 P"config.g" and post any errors it reports.


  • Thank you for the quick response! After following your instructions I'm thinking that I told the RepRap Configurator Tool the wrong firmware (2.05 when the board is actually running 3).

    Annotation 2020-03-24 152159.jpg


  • Moderator

    @Breadbin Yup, that'll do it! And was my suspicion...

    If you saved the json file when you downloaded the configuration last time, you can upload that on the config tool's first page by clicking "Use existing configuration". Then just change the firmware version on the General page, and it should keep all the settings you have already set, and generate a compatible config.g.


  • Thank you! It looks like it works now.
    Annotation 2020-03-24 154238.jpg

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