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    Unfortunately I didn't find anything. Is there a possibility that the standby temp in webcontrol waits until the correct temp is reached before printing continues?
    As with the command in the slicer but in web control

    example in the slicer:

    ({IF NEWTOOL = 0} M104 S165 T1; set T1, inactive extruder to 165 C
    {IF NEWTOOL = 0} M109 S220 T0; Set T0, new active extruder to 220 and wait for it to reach temperature before proceeding.
    {IF NEWTOOL = 1} M109 S220 T1; set T1, Heat T1 to 220
    {IF NEWTOOL = 1} M104 S165 T0; Cool T0 to 165)

    I hope it is understandable what I write

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    @Shue M109 won't work with standby temperatures. It's better to use G10 to set the active and standby temperatures for each tool (you can put this in the slicer start code if you want), and send M116 after tool changes, which waits for all temperatures and other slowly-changing variables to arrive at their set values.

    So you code would be something like this, which will turn on both tools, set T1 to be standby, T0 to active, then wait for temperatures to be reached:

    G10 P0 S220 R165 ; Set tool 0 active and standby temperatures
    G10 P1 S220 R165 ; Set tool 1 active and standby temperatures
    T1 P0 ; Select tool 1 to turn it on but don't execute tool change scripts
    T0 ; Select tool 0
    M116 ; Wait for all temperatures to be reached

    This is usually at the beginning of the gcode, but you can do this when changing tool. At tool changes, you just want

    T1 ; or T0, whichever tool change is next

    Rather than setting this up in the slicer, you can also use the tpre[tool_number].g and tpost[tool_number].g scripts to handle how tool changes are managed. See


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