Forum difficult on Android 10

  • I find the mobile site nearly impossible to use...I have to show the desktop version, and it's substandard on a phone.

    I'm using Brave browser, based on Chrome, Android 10.

    When I scroll down a Topic page, before I get to the bottom, (based on scrollbar location) before I even have a chance to read all of the thread titles that ARE on the screen, a new page is loaded, and the display jumps to the bottom of the new page. The new page is close to the same location of the previous one, nearly at the bottom. That means the previous view (of yet-to-be-read threads are hidden at the top of the page. To read them, I must pull the screen down (carefully) until the previous bottom thread is visible. If I go too fast or too far, the opposite happens, where the threads is like to read are below the current display.

    Am I the only one experiencing this?

  • I use Brave on Win, no issues. I tend not to browse forums on a phone, too difficult, even when the site "works correctly".

  • I have no issues on desktop, and can easily read most forums on the phone. This is the one that has forced me to use the desktop mode on my phone.

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