M453 on/off/PWM

  • Hope this post find everyone well despite everything.

    I'm in the process of migrating my firmware from RRF2.05 to RRF3.01 and wanted to clarify an issue I raised some time ago in this post: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/11665/assigning-multiple-pins-for-cnc-m3-command-use

    It was suggested that the M453 command could be extended to include C"out3+out4+out5" 'where the first 2 pins are assumed to be on/off pins for forward and reverse, and the third pin is assumed to be the PWM control pin for both directions.' Has this been implemented in recent firmware updates?

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    No, it hasn't.

  • Ah thanks - will it ever likely be implemented?

    I've included the following lines in my config file.

    M950 P0 C"e0heat" ; Allocated GPOP Port 0 to Heater 1
    M453 C"e1heat" Q300 R24000 ; Set to CNC mode, using Tool 1, 24000 Max RPM

    and have updated my post processor in V-carve to include M42 P0 S1 next to the M3 S# command and M42 P0 S0 next to M5. So I can still use my machine.

    But is there a way of switching additional pins alongside the one assigned to the M3/M5 command without editing the post processor? I'd like to control LED lights when g-code commands are executed, as a kind of safety traffic light system. Red for M3. Yellow for G1 G0 G2 G3 movements.

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