M3 doesn't recall spindle speed upon resume.g

  • Hi - I'm using RRF3.01-RC5 and I can't get the M3 command to recall the spindle speed (PWM) when resuming after a pause . This is how my files are set up.

    CNC mode in Config.g file:
    M453 C"e1heat" Q300 R24000 T1 ; Set to CNC mode, using Tool 1, 24000 Max RPM

    G91 ; Relative positioning
    G1 Z5 F500 ; Slowly move z axis to safe location clearing material
    G90 ; Absolute positioning
    M5 ; Turn off Spindle PWM
    M42 P0 S0 ; Turn off spindle enable
    M117 Turning off and Raising spindle ;
    G4 p1000 ; Dwell while spindle slows to stop
    G53 G1 F1000 Z-1 ; move z axis to safe z

    M3 R1 ; Turn on PWM
    M42 P0 S1 ; Turn on spindle enable
    G4 P4000 ; Dwell
    M291 P"STAND CLEAR! Job Resuming." R"Warning" S2

    When I pause the console reads.
    M220 S120
    Printing paused at X61.0 Y104.4 Z-95.0 U-1.0

    Any advice on checking what information is saved and how to recall? Is is possible this functionality is available in Laser Mode but not CNC mode?

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