Network debug additional output.

  • ref it would be very handy for the firmware to be able to use ICMP to display ICMP messages to debug networking issues, at leat type 8 and 30 (ping and traceroute). Print source IP, MAC, type and packet size should be a good starting point.

    I've tried enabling debugging for networking and it only seemed to print "received(n)" and nothing that corresponded to any ping packets as I tried adjusting the packet size to see if I could distinguish them from the other chatter on the network.

    In the same general area, displaying DHCP negotiation with discovery, offers, requests and acknowledgements would also be handy in the debug output.

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    Yes, that's a good idea. However, the network interface isn't currently set up for the Duet to initiate packets, except for DHCP and MDNS. I use USB for debugging.

  • Maybe I was unclear; while being able to run those from the Duet would be even better - I was thinking just to print the messages received to aid debugging.

    Specifically to verify that when someone claims they can ping their board we can know for sure as it otherwise makes assumptions that is hard to get around. @dc42

  • @dc42 while we're on the wishfull thinking list - changes to link state would also be gold.

    Just Link up/down, 10/100M full/half-duplex goes a long way to simplify asking for status of LEDs.

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