SheetCam post processor

  • Has anyone used a Duet with SheetCam softare? They have several hundred gcode post processors, but none are Duets that I know of. I am hoping someone has a suggested post processor or the name of a machine that might process commands similarly to the Duet.

    As an example one of the Machines TurboCNC v4 has these notes:

    TurboCNC V4 post processor

    Modal G-codes and coordinates
    Uses G02/G03 for helical moves
    No comments
    Incremental IJ

    If there isn't a machine that is similar maybe there are attributes I should be looking for that would be compatible with the Duet.

  • if it has something for grbl or marlin it might be close.

  • No Marlin but it does have GRBL:

    GRBL Mill-router
    GRBL Mill-router 2 axis

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