Print Time Estimate Improvements

  • I think there could be a few easy to implement features that would improve remaining time estimates. The first thing I would change is the way the estimate by layer works. I would think it wouldn't be so hard to change the estimate from the final z height to the last z height of actual extrusion. Many default ending G code sequences will lift the nozzle to avoid dragging and oozing across the top of the finished print. This makes (as it is now) the estimate by layer time mostly useless.

    The other thing that could be awesome would be to use the built in simulation to either create a meta data file for that gcode or insert something like the m73 command through out the gcode to give very accurate time estimates. Maybe an override check box under the settings to enable this or to pre-process in the background while not printing. Or a PC/web app much like the setup process you have where you input your config.g and the gcode file to be processed and the output would have better estimates than say prusaslicer. A plugin for prusaslicer would be nice, but i would think that might be to exclusive.

    Thank you for your great products

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