DWC feature request: live stream optimization

  • Recently, I started playing with live camera monitoring of my printer again. While working on it, I noticed that the webcam stream seems to stay active even when not in view. I am not sure if this is up to the browser or DWC has control over this, but it would make sense to me that DWC stops requesting live stream updates when the tab is not in focus (either the browser tab or dwc tab).

    Declaring this as a bug might be overstating it but I'd love to see this fixed. Mainly because of the resource waist otherwise. I have one or more devices with a DWC tab open in my home and if all start using 30Mbits continuously for no reason, that's a waist I'd say.

    Edit: Running DWC 2.0.6

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    What kind of of live camera are you using, mjpg? Many browsers tend to suspend live transfers when a tab is no longer active but I can have a look at it.

  • @chrishamm I am using a rpi camera in combination with a Jetson Nano as described here. I know that the images are encoded as jpg's, but I must admit I do not fully understand (yet) how the further data transmission is handled except for the fact that they are repackaged as bytearrays.

  • @chrishamm I have since upgraded to DWC 2.1.2 and the issue seems resolved, intentional or not, thanks 🙂

  • Just confirmed that it still works as requested in DWC 2.1.4

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