Can't upload/update firmware configuration files through Wifi

  • It's a new day and a new printer build. I just updated the firmware to 2.05.1 and the Web control to 2.1.3 tonight. When I click on the "upload files" button it tells me that it successfully uploaded, but the board doesn't restart for changes to take effect. I restart using the physical reset button. Nothing Changes. The only way I can update my configuration files is by popping the SD card out of the board and putting the configuration file onto it manually.

    Uploading .gcode files works fine.

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    What firmware version are you upgrading from?

    If you go to the System page of DWC, can you see the newly-uploaded firmware file in the /sys folder, with the correct date and time? If so, try sending M997 to install it.

  • I updated from:
    Firmware Version 2.03
    WiFi Server Version 1.23
    Web Interface Version 1.22.6

    Board: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later (duetwifi102)

    Following your instructions is the same as simply reuploading the new firmware .bin file. It updates the firmware without incident. After that update it still will not update configuration files such as config.g when pressing the "upload system files" button. Also, it does not restart the board for changes to take effect

    I think the problem is with uploading a and having the duet unzip that file. When I unzip the files on my PC, and upload them individually it works just fine.

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    Can you try with DWC 2.0.7 that was released with 2.05.1? Maybe this is an issue with DWC 2.1.3 and 2.05.1.

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