Relay control for external

  • Hello everybody,

    Sorry for my poor english, it's not my native language... And sorry if I'm not in the good section. My question touch perhaps the hardware, the firmware and the "Duet Web Control" interface, or perhaps not... I'm a complete noob in electronic and programming...

    I didn't find the kind of question in the forum, or perhaps I didn't find it, but I think it's a simple request, but I don't know if it's complicated to do it on the board or firmware
    I see more and more 3D printer upgraded with LED light to be able to see what append during the printing operation.
    I would like to know if it's possible to add, or lock a fonction on the Duet2 (and perhaps Duet3) to be able to turn ON/OFF some LED light (or other material) using a relay. I don't know if it's a modification on firmware, or if it can be done by an other solution.
    For this we only need a I/O signal from the board to activate/desactivate the relay.
    And of course it will be very nice to be able to contol this realy fonction from the "Duet Web Control" interface by adding a kind of button for this fonction.

    I would like to use this kind of relay because I use a second power supply for the LED :

    alt text

    Thanks for you remarks and help.

    Stephane from France.

  • Yes, you can use a relay, and an IO pin, and specific gcode statements to turn the relay on/off.


    You can directly drive Dotstar LEDs or NeoPixel LEDs from Duet3.

    What board do you have?

  • Hello,

    It's a Duet2 Wifi.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for this information, can I create a file or macro to be able to run this code to put on/off my LED light system ?

    And witch pin can I use to control my realy ? (I would like to have 2 relay on my printer if possible)

    Thanks for your support


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  • Hello,

    Sorry if it's stupid question for you, but I'm not a electronic or software ingeneer...

    I need to connect my relay to 1pin for signal and the second wire to ground, then I will have a signal for the relay ?
    what will be the exit voltage ? 3.3, 5v or other voltage ?

    Can I use every pin on the extension connector or only several pins are usable ?

    Thanks for your help.


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