DWC Connection/SD Card

  • Maestro firmware 2.05.1
    Been having some great results with my Maestro right up until yesterday.

    First issue whilst trying to upload print file was "error unable to upload file card may be full" (or words to that effect)

    Second almost immediately I could no longer access DWC.

    I have replaced the SD card and can open the DWC page but all areas are "greyed out" rendering it unusable.
    I can still print by inserting the SD card into the Paneldue but its just not as user friendly.
    Bit of a faff re-installing firmware without DWC

    Any Help appreciated.

  • You can check the main card in your PC and see what is filling it.

  • Hi, Thanks for reply. I firstly re-formatted the card so it was empty, Tried to upload one file, same message, then I replaced the card.

  • @Danal Thanks for your reply, Much appreciated, tried yet another SD card replaced the WWW folder "again" and all is well.
    Like a lot of this it'll remain a mystery as to why in the first place!!!

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