Issue with DWC (all 2.x including 2.1.4) and mesh compensation

  • I thought I created a thread about this long ago, but can't seem to find it... This is a long standing issue with DWC's "Compensation and Calibration" menu (accessed from the "Dashboard" page.):

    Selecting the button gives a menu that clearly suggests that DWC knows that my printer is a delta, considering it gives an option for "Delta Calibration (32)"


    However, if a user then selects "Define Area for Mesh Compensation (M557)", the user interface prompt doesn't make any sense for a delta printer:


    This would make much more sense if, on a delta machine, it prompted for only 2 parameters: Radius to Probe (R) and Probe Point Spacing (S). It could probably read a default radius from the object model (either what is already specified in M557, or to default the radius to the printable area (m665 B parameter - not sure where in the object model that can be found))

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    @garyd9 I've flagged this for @chrishamm 's attention.


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    Thanks the report, I'll fix that in DWC 2.1.5.

  • @chrishamm Thank you. The positive point about this thread is that I wasn't able to find anything obvious that was more serious to report.

  • Confirmed fixed in 2.1.5

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