Firmware 3.01 with Neopixel Support

  • Hey friends,
    I'm just looking for more information on how to integrate the Neopixel strip into my project. I was hoping to do this straight from the Duet Wifi (I also have a Duex5). Any information provided would be helpful. Sorry if wrong catagory.

    I already have an extensive arduino lib for my paintball gun display:

  • administrators

    The Duet WiFi build of RRF doesn't support Neopixel, although the Duet 3 build does. Probably the simplest approach is to use an Arduino to drive the Neopixels, and have the Duet send commands to the Arduino over I2C. A complication is that most Arduinos use 5V logic levels, so you would need an I2C level shifter between them.

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