Blank Duet Web Control Page

  • Duet Web Control was working just fine until I hit emergency stop for a print that was running far too slowly. (Upgraded Ender 3 with Duet Maestro) Now whenever I go to the Duet page on a reserved DHCP IP, I get a blank page and the tab says Duet Web Control 2. I'm running the V3.0 firmware. Tried restarting the router, my computer, my phone, restarting the duet and disabling/enabling the network with M552. If I remove the SD card, I get an error message but once it's back in, I get nothing. It had been just fine but now it's blank.

    Thank you in advance! I'd like to get this working again.

  • Well isn't that great. As soon as I made this post, I decided to redo all the sd card contents in a 16GB SanDisk drive instead of the 500Mb stock one. Refreshed the www folder with a new download from the latest github and it seems to be working again.

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