RRF 3.01-R10 4 screw bed level not working

  • RRF 3.01-R10
    The 4 screw bedlevel is not working
    Nothing shows up on the console screen not even the command. is this something new
    It goes through the process but does not show anything

    My Macro to call this is
    G29 S2 ; clear bed level
    M671 x73:73:533:533 Y-5:305:-5:305 P1.058; screws are at and screw pitch is 1.058
    G30 P0 X73 Y25 Z-99999 ; probe near an adjusting screw
    G30 P1 X73 Y275 Z-99999 ; probe near an adjusting screw
    G30 P2 X560 Y25 Z-99999 ; probe near an adjusting screw
    G30 P3 X560 Y275 Z-9999 S4 ; probe near an adjusting screw and report adjustments needed
    M402 ; retract probe

  • Duet 3+ RPi, RC10. I experience that G32 issued in the console window in DWC does return a message showing results. (see below)

    Issued via the "compensation and calibration" dropdown in the dashboard, it does not. (nothing to see)


  • Ok so I think I figured out what was going on
    I had another computer connected at the same time
    When I closed the other web browser it now works
    I'm not sure if Danal is also experiencing this for the same reason.

  • No other computers connected. The Pi console autostarts a browser, I will try with that shutdown.

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