Missing Fan(s)

  • MCU fan not appearing in status, does not appear in visibility list. Definition below.

    ; MCU
    M308 S2 Y"mcu-temp" A"CPU"
    M950 F2 C"!out4" A"MCU" Q25000 L.02  
    M106 P2 T40:54 H2      ; set Duet cooling fan


    Notice also that the title shown is 'Fan 0' even though I have named this fan

    M950 F0 C"out7"	Q500 A"Part Cool"		      		  ; set part cooling fan output
    M106 P0 H-1                  			      		  ; Thermostatic control is turned off

  • administrators

    Fan 0 shows up, fan 2 is thermostatically controlled so it isn't displayed. The reason why it is not shown is because you cannot control thermostatically controlled fans via sliders.

  • Agreed I can't control - but I would like to 'see' what output is being sent ... there is also a case for an ability to 'take control' but that's a future. Not always in a place that I can hear but I can generally see via the iPad etc.

  • A thermostatically controlled fan could still have a tach input, and i would much prefer to display it as a normal fan with the controls disabled. Tooltip to say why would also cut down on the "where is my fan" questions (and group the RPM to the output when displayed)

  • administrators

    @bearer Basically I agree but as long as we need to retain compatibility with RRFv2 or older this isn't easy. Once that support is cut off, there is no argument against showing all the fans and other machine-related information on a separate page. It's planned but I cannot give an exact ETA yet.

    Tacho inputs (Fan RPM) can be already seen in the Status panel.

  • All understood and assimilated.

  • @chrishamm said in Missing Fan(s):

    Tacho inputs (Fan RPM) can be already seen in the Status panel.

    Yes. And if they now have labels with names, or at least fixed possitions that all well and fine

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