Crash after filament monitor detects out of range

  • I've finally managed to get my laser filament monitor to output values within a sensible range by using the indirect measurement method and roughening the surface of the the bearing. However, during tuning I've found that while RRF seems to detect when the filament deviates from the allowable range and pauses the print, the system then locks up and effectively crashes. A message is displayed notifying that the print is being paused due to a filament problem etc., however, DWC simply seems to hang with the status showing "pausing" and I can't resume or stop the print without pressing Emergency Stop.

    I'm assuming that it's the pause.g script that should be called when a filament problem occurs, or is this assumption incorrect? (I think) I've read all the info on the wiki and latest release notes and can't see that I'm doing anything wrong... in which case, is this a bug / known issue that I've missed somewhere?

    I'm using D3+SBC 3.01-RC11 | DSF 2.1.3 | DWC 2.1.6

    This is my current pause.g, which I think is pretty much stock(?):

    M83			; relative extruder movements
    G1 E-3 F2500		; retract 3mm
    G91			; relative moves
    G1 Z10 F5000		; raise nozzle 10mm
    G90			; absolute moves
    G1 X0 Y110 F5000	; move head out of the way of the print

    edit: I've since discovered that the crash only happens in D3+SBC mode, when running the D3 in standalone mode, the filament sensor causes a standard pause and can be resumed using DWC.
    The log from DCS on the Pi shows the following when the sensor triggers a pause, so maybe something to do with the pause originating from an unknown input?:

    May 05 16:25:37 starttex DuetControlServer[363]: [info] Starting macro file pause.g on channel Unknown
    May 05 16:25:37 starttex DuetControlServer[363]: [info] Job has been paused at byte 110281, reason Filament

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    Please try that with the latest DSF/RRF bundle. I fixed an issue with filament sensors in it.

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