M555 P5 not supported?

  • I'm working on a project that was built around Repetier... and our lives would be much easier if we could use the RRF compatibility function to emulate Repetier (at least in terms of protocol, we can change the g-codes we use for things).

    Clearly that was planned, M555 P5 is right there in the documentation. Is there a branch of RRF that had that emulation implemented?

    Yes, switching our code to talk to something still underdevelopment would be better 🙂

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    What specifically is different?

    The Marlin compatibility only sets the behaviour of the usb response to match the Marlin behaviour. Other Marlin specific gcodes are also supported, but those are supported irrespective of which M555 P value is set.

  • Wait messages.

    Specifically, Repetier gives 'wait' responses when its busy (and at other times). Marlin just doesn't respond. Our code hangs because its waiting for a 'wait' response...

    Although I'm sure there are some other specifics as well. Like I said, its not a g-code issue, its a protocol issue, the USB response is more than just g-code.

    We will re-write our own code to move to something more up-to-date (like RRF), but for right now, being able to turn on Repetier compatibility (if anyone ever actually wrote it) would let us skip waiting on that.

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    Is there a specification of the 'wait' responses anywhere?

  • @dc42 Not that I'm aware of... I've looked through the repetier repo and I can't find a document that covers the responses. I suspect that it would require going through the code.

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