DWC 2.1.7 - Bug (define area for delta mesh compensation)

  • RRF 3.01-RC12, DWC 2.1.7, duet3, standalone:

    @chrishamm, I really appreciate that you recently fixed the prompt for mesh compensation parameters on Delta printers (dashboard -> "compensation+calibration" -> "define area...") in a previous release. However, while it's prompting for the correct things, it seems to be sending an incorrect M557 command.

    For mesh compensation on my delta, I typically use a radius of 140 and spacing of 20. The correct M557 command for that is: "M557 R140 S20" I can validate the correct parameters are set by running M557 in the console with no parameters:

    Grid: X-120.0:120.1, Y-120.0:120.1, radius 140.0, X spacing 20.0, Y spacing 20.0, 169 points

    Note the radius and spacing are set.

    However, if I use the DWC interface ((dashboard -> "compensation+calibration" -> "define area...") ) to try and set a "Probe Radius" of 140 and "Spacing" of 20, running M557 from the console gives a very different output:

    Grid: X-120.0:120.1, Y-120.0:120.1, radius -1.0, X spacing 20.0, Y spacing 20.0, 169 points

    Note that the radius is set to "-1" and not "140."

    I don't know the exact command that DWC is sending the duet that results in the above M557 configuration. (Didn't older versions of DWC show commands sent in the console? I guess that stopped with DWC2?)

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    Thanks for the note, I'll fix that too.

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