DWC 2.?? - drop downs for setting temps don't work

  • Currently using DWC 2.1.7 on a duet3 (standalone) and RRF 3.01rc12, but this issue has been around for a long time with DWC 2. In fact, I don't know if it EVER worked:

    On the "tools" panel (that's visible on the top of all pages of DWC 2), there are little arrows beside each tool temperature. At least with DWC1, those arrows dropped down a list of preconfigured temperatures (configurable on the "Machine-Specific" page of DWC2.)

    In DWC2, those arrows don't seem to function at all. In the image below, I've clicked on the arrow next to tool0/active, and you can see that the down arrow changed to an up arrow, but there's no drop down... (Based on my machine-specific configuration, I expected to see a list containing various temperatures ranging from 0C to 250C)


  • Try loading filament and see if you get the temps for the loaded filament?

  • @bearer I don't use the filament loading stuff in DWC. The workflow for it doesn't work well with my flow.

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