Questions on the magnetic filament monitor

  • From time to time my prints will pause early on because I get a "no response received from filament sensor" (or somesuch message). When I try a M591 D0 it always responds and has data so I resume the print and everything is fine.

    My mag is 132 and my agc is 106 - I understand the agc should normally be a little lower. Should I open this up and try to improve tension on the grub or are these numbers ok?

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    The AGC reading is indeed a little high. This suggests that the distance between the magnet and the sensor chip is a little too great.

    I suggest you first check that the 3 screws are not loose - but don't over-tighten them, or you will strip the threads. if that doesn't bring the AGC below 95, then remove the 2 screws at the same end of the PCB, which will allow you to separate the two halves and remove the rotating shaft. The underside of the plastic piece that the PCB sits in is flat, and you can sand it down very slightly. Then put the shaft back and re-assemble it.

  • I did have to sand it in the end but was able to, after a couple of sand/check/sands to get the agc to 92. Measurements are less rangy now. Thanks.

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