Manual bed leveling assistant output to M291

  • Running RRF3.01RC12

    Is it possible to have the output of the manual bed leveling assistant (G30 S#) show up as a message on the paneldue very much like how a message from M291 would be displayed?

    For example once G30 probing completes for the the last point, the output "Manual corrections required: 0.00 turn up (0.00mm) 0.03 turn up (-0.04mm) 0.03 turn up (-0.04mm)” shows up only in the console. Can it show up as a popup message? If not, are those values stored anywhere in the object model?

    Or is it possible to store those value in a text file that can be then called somehow using M291?

    The idea of it is it would be nice to adjust the bed while at the printer with the paneldue showing the values and using a while loop to keep the probing going so you can iterate and adjust quickly.

    while true
    	if iterations = 5
    		abort "Bed leveling failed!"
    	G30 P0 X165 Y210 Z-99999  	; probe near an adjusting screw
    	if result != 0
    	G30 P1 X280 Y30 Z-99999   	; probe near an adjusting screw
    	if result != 0
    	G30 P2 X50 Y30 Z-99999 S3 	; probe near an adjusting screw and report adjustments needed
    	if result != 0
    	if move.calibration.initial.deviation <= 0.01
    	M291 P"Press ok to continue once build plate adjustments have been made based on these values: # turn up, # turn up, # turn up" S2   ;These # would be the output from the last G30 S3.

  • @dc42 any advice on this or would this be a feature request for RRF3.0.2? Thanks

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