What do I need?

  • Sorry - english is not my native language

    To get the electronics to a build a DIY Printer like the Tool Changer.

    6HC + Duet 3 Tool Distribution Board + 4 * Toolboard 1LC

    Or do I need to the above a Expansionboard 3HC

    Three Axis by the 6HC and 4 Extruders by the Toolboards over Ditribution Board.
    Did I vorget something?

    Gruß zeroK

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    A Duet 3 MB6HC by itself has enough of everything to drive 2 tools. For the remaining tools you have a choice of 2 tool boards or 1 EXP3HC. Tool boards need less wiring if the tools are direct drive and there is space to mount the tool boards on the tools.

    If you have 4 direct drive tools then you could choose to drive each one using a tool board, but of course that would cost more compared to driving 2 of them from the main board.

  • Thank you dc42
    I very prefer the method of less wiring, not only to assembling the Parts, for maintenance over a longer time too.

    I watch the Shop when the Parts are available again.

    Thnk you, have a nice evening
    zero K

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