Reseller stock levels

  • Is it me or is there shortages of boards currently. I'm trying to get my hands on a 1LC board pack but no-one seems to have any stock currently. Anyone know anyone that's stocking them?

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    Yes there is a shortage of some boards. Both the assembly companies we use had to reorganise their production lines to make it safe for their employees to work, which took some time; and they are not back to full production capacity.

    Regarding tool boards in particular, on Friday I received the first samples from the new production batch. Full production is expected to start tomorrow, so they should be in stock again soon.

  • Fair enough. Can't wait until I can finally finish my build.

  • @dc42 Thanks for the updates on this. I have a tool board on backorder at Filastruder and looking forward to getting it. I hope your supplier issues get sorted out. That can certainly be a challenge these days.

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